for members to request use of facilities

If you are member of Southside Baptist Church, you are welcome to use any of our facilities for your events.  

Here is a form that may be printed and turned in to the church office, or emaled to


Prayer blanket

Our Church's Prayer Blanket ministry makes prayers tangible to those who are having surgery or who are suffering serious illness and infirmity.  Built into each blanket is  the gift of prayer: the symbol of faith in God and in His power to comfort, strengthen and heal.  

The Prayer Blanket ministry creates each blanket for an individual.  The fleece rectagle is cut along the edges to create a deep fringe.  Each blanket will have an embroidered reminder from Southside Baptist Church.  Blankets will be placed in the sanctuary for prayers.  Congregation members, friends & family tie knots in the fringe while praying.  When the blankets are complete, they are given back to the requestor for delivery. 

Below you will find a link to request a blanket.  Please turn this in to the church office, or email